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Soothing Seasalt Hand Wash – Living Sea Therapy


300ml Soothing Seasalt Hand Wash – Sea Salt Living Sea Therapy


Feed your hands a sea mineral cocktail using this lightly foaming wash.  Natural hydrating ingredients in our Living Sea Complex® condition and refresh your hands leaving them clean and soft. Grapefruit and bergamot pure essential oils evoke days by the sea as well as spearmint, known for it’s anti-bacterial properties. Massage into wet hands. Breathe in the fragrance of the sea and let our rich cocktail of minerals including our Living Sea Complex® thoroughly cleanse your skin. Rinse.


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Soothing Seasalt Hand Wash – Living Sea Therapy

About Living Sea Therapy:

Living Sea Therapy is a window on Cornwall’s unique geological past. It encapsulates Cornwall’s underwater voyage, involving ancient rock dramas and mysterious kelp forests, that yield our cobalt waters and unique sea minerals. Working with our sister businesses, Cornish Sea Salt Co. and Cornish Seaweed Co. as well as a team of marine biologists, environmentalists and leading therapists, we have developed our Living Sea Therapy® range. Using sustainable hand harvesting and exclusive processes based on natural science we have created our wonder ingredient, Living Sea Complex® which combines three vital elements to harness the restorative powers of the sea especially for you and your skin.

The story starts deep beneath the crashing waves where rich salt and sea minerals, unique to the cobalt waters around the Lizard Peninsula, are gathered by The Cornish Sea Salt Co. We hand-harvest a few metres from our rugged shoreline using a zero-impact, 3,000-year-old artisan process and innovative technology. As well as hand-harvesting delicate sea salt flakes coated in beneficial minerals, we also harvest a mineral-rich elixir known as Cornish Sea Salt Minerals, which all goes into our marine cocktail to provide a treasure trove of benefits to revitalise your skin.

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