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Inventors of the unique Cornish Tin & Gold™ and Cornish Tin & Silver™ jewellery, containing genuine shipwrecked Tin. We are a proud independent family run Cornish jewellers, going back four generations, since 1890!

26 Arwenack Street, Falmouth, TR11 3JB 15–17 Meneage Street, Helston, TR13 8AA +44 1326 572154


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Rubellite & Diamond 3 Stone Ring – Cornish Tin & White Gold


Rubellite & Diamond 3 Stone Ring – Cornish Tin & White Gold 


Cornish Tin & 18ct White Gold Rubellite & Diamond 3 Stone Ring, contact us now to find out more information!


Please note that these rings are made to order and may take a couple of weeks to be produced or to change the ring size. Please contact us to find out about waiting times along with further information & availability. 

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Rubellite & Diamond 3 Stone Ring – Cornish Tin & White Gold

Wearnes Jewellers established in 1890, by William Wearne, is headed by fourth generation family member Sarah Corbridge and her husband Adam. Click here to learn about Wearnes History.

Sarah is the inventor of the famous Cornish Tin & Gold alloy, and has received commissions from the very highest of places! A ceremonial cup, lined with her 18ct Cornish Tin & Gold is held at the Goldsmiths Hall in London. Below you can see examples of some of her many commission pieces.

This unique range of jewellery is made from our special Cornish alloy – Cornish Tin & Gold which contains genuine shipwrecked and salvaged Cornish tin. For a perfect Cornish romance and an everlasting memory of Cornwall. For an extra special touch, where possible, this range have a cut out map of Cornwall attached to the fastening.

Gold is reputed to be the first metal discovered by man. It is the only natural yellow metal and because of this it became associated with the sun and gods.

For centuries gold has been proudly worn as a sign of wealth and prosperity. An ancient gold coin retrieved from the ground after hundreds of years still maintains its condition and brightness. It’s nobility – resistance to corrosion is such that not only does it resist surface chemical change imposed by the weather – oxidisation causing tarnishing, but it resists attack from acids also. Hence its use for coinage.

Gold is also a malleable metal, another factor for use in goldsmithing. Fine or pure gold is soft and therefore unsuitable for jewellery manufacture. Controlled by strict laws, quantities of different metals (parts) are mixed with gold to produce a suitable alloy for jewellery manufacture.

The Cornish Tin & Gold alloy retains the 9ct gold purity and uses Cornish Tin from the ship that later became a wreck in the photo above, as a part of the other 15 metals added.

For more information please visit https://www.wearnes.co.uk/about-ctg/ or check out our Facebook


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