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Inventors of the unique Cornish Tin & Gold™ and Cornish Tin & Silver™ jewellery, containing genuine shipwrecked Tin. We are a proud independent family run Cornish jewellers, going back four generations, since 1890!

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Jewellery Commissions

About Our Jewellery Commissions:

Wearnes Jewellers have been making bespoke jewellery for many, many years.

Take a look and read just a few of the many stories that inspired customers to ask Sarah to commission designs for them, or remodel and renovate their existing items of jewellery.

With the option to make jewellery even more special and unique, by incorporating our very own Cornish Tin & Gold mix, get in contact with us now if you have any ideas or designs.

Perhaps you have a special gemstone you want to do something unique with? Maybe you want to change the look of your Diamond ring? We will source the best gemstones worldwide and can provide you with any stone, in any size and grade desired; as well as a great range of ring shanks and styles from which to choose from.

All prices on application. For more in depth information on your Cornish jewellery commission, contact us today.

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Our Falmouth Workshop

Here at our Falmouth workshop, is where our talented team primarily produce commissioned work. Although we don’t have a workshop in Helston, feel free to be in contact with us to book a personal consultation, in either shop, to discuss the details of your desired commission work. Our creative team work hard to find ways of producing the right piece of Cornish bespoke jewellery to suit your requirements.

Our Commission Gallery

customer image - commission work

Mandy Kirk lives in Cornwall, has Scottish blood and a love for the Celtic design, therefore, Sarah’s Cornish Tin & Gold™ alloy would be the perfect metal. Sarah used her Cornish Tin and Gold™ bracelet as inspiration to create a ring using this unique alloy, which also incorporated the Celtic knot which Mandy desired. Mandy’s husband, Andrew wanted to have a bespoke piece designed by Sarah to present to his wife for her 60th birthday. Sarah took Mandy’s love of Cornwall and the Celtic knot and interpreted them into a special piece which will forever hold great sentiment to Mandy. “My husband had the ring made for my 60th birthday – I wanted something very Cornish.”

Mandy Kirk
customers - commission work

"After Debbie’s parents passed away Sarah helped the Osborne’s design a piece of jewellery for Laurence; using the gold from Debbie’s fathers ring and the sapphires from Debbie’s mother’s engagement ring. This created the tasteful piece which combines the sentimental value of Debbie’s parents jewellery and the beginning of a treasured heir loom for the Osborne family. Debbie was inspired by Sarah’s “trade mark” design of a Cornish map lasered within all of Sarah’s Cornish Tin & Gold wedding bands. She used Sarah’s excellent design skills to design a pair of unique cufflinks in the shape of the map of Cornwall for Laurence. As an extra touch, Sarah suggested adding a diamond marking the location of their Cornish home."

Debbie & Laurence Osborne
customer image - commission work

Wendy had an emerald and diamond ring which belonged to her mother, which she did not wear. So therefore Sarah & Wendy designed an incredibly beautiful two drop diamond necklace to be made from the diamonds in the ring. This is so that Wendy could have these sentimental diamonds close to her heart when she wore them. “I did not wear the ring, and wanted to have a memento of my mother.”

Wendy Wallis
customer image - commission work

Rebecca owned a gold ring which belonged to her beloved partner, Peter Curnow. With Sarah’s help a unique ring was made using the sentimental gold from Pete’s ring. The ring has Peters name written in hieroglyphics with a lotus flower as the centre piece, which is the Egyptian symbol of love. It is a very special piece which holds great sentiment to Rebecca, but it is also delightfully beautiful how it captures Rebecca and Pete’s love and happiness in a tasteful way. “After spending nine years together, I always wear it as it gives me some comfort knowing I am wearing his ring.”

Rebecca Mundy
customer image - commission work

Through being a customer of Wearnes, Carolyn recognised Sarah’s excitement and inspiration for thinking outside the box when designing jewellery. Carolyn had the confidence that this would result in a fantastic piece. Carolyn was born in the year of the tiger and holds an everlasting love for “Rough”, her 18 year old cat who was born in her kitchen. She wanted to capture this special love in an everlasting piece of jewellery. “Armed with a plastic bag of broken jewellery and pictures of tigers, Sarah was not fazed and immediately began drawing.” With Sarah’s help, Carolyn’s love of jewellery and love of cats resulted in her being the owner if a unique, stunning pair of Tiger earrings set with Diamonds. Also as a surprise for Carolyn’s 60th birthday from her husband, Stuart, we arranged to have a selection of exquisite Tanzanite’s for Stuart to choose one from. He then presented the precious stone to Carolyn so she could design herself a ring with Sarah’s help. Sarah found fabulous cushion shaped diamonds to mirror the tanzanite’s, and helped to perfect Carolyn’s design by suggesting white gold around the setting; to maintain the whiteness of her diamonds, “I love it! It has never been off my finger and is admired by all!”

Carolyn Naish


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