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Inventors of the unique Cornish Tin & Gold™ and Cornish Tin & Silver™ jewellery, containing genuine shipwrecked Tin. We are a proud independent family run Cornish jewellers, going back four generations, since 1890!

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About Cornish Tin & Gold

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Invented by Jewellery Designer, Sarah Corbridge in 2007.

For more information, please visit the ‘About us’ page.

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Sarah Corbridge PJDIP of Wearnes, a family run jewellers steeped in history, has been designing jewellery and undertaking bespoke jewellery commissions for more than 30 years. Sarah invented the Cornish Tin & Gold alloy in 2007, when she desired a precious metal of Cornish origin to craft her jewellery from.
Jewellery made from Cornish Tin & Gold provides an everlasting memory of Cornwall, and also celebrates the 10th Wedding Anniversay which is traditionally associated with ‘Tin’.
The Tin added to Cornish Tin & Gold has been salvaged from the shipwreck SS Liverpool which sank off Anglesey in 1863. This ship shown in the photograph below was carrying Tin ingots smelted by Bolithos, Penzance in Cornwall to Lima, Peru, and is shown colliding with the barque Laplata.
shipwreck for cornish tin image

The steamer SS Liverpool colliding with The Barque Laplata.

Sarah Corbridge Cob necklace

400 year old Silver Cob, salvaged from the Rill Cove shipwreck, set in Cornish Tin & Gold and held by the first ever CTG chain.

image of cornish tin and silver wedding bands

The Cornish Tin & Gold alloy retains the 9ct & 18ct gold purity and uses Cornish Tin from the ship that later became a wreck in the photo to the left, as a part of the other 15 metals added.

Cornish Ingot

Cornish Tin Ingot, salvaged from the shipwreck SS Liverpool, which sank in 1863.

The Journey


Cornish Tin & Gold and Cornish Tin & Silver are our exclusive fusions incorporating tin mined in Cornwall, so while its gold or silver purity is the same as any 9 carat or sterling silver, its value is unique. Every item of our jewellery contains a piece of Cornwall.

If Cornwall holds a special place in your heart, you may choose from our exclusive range or commission your very own bespoke piece, individual to you.

A Cornish Romance

cornish tin mine image

“Some say of the Cornish miner His home is the wide, wide world For his pick is always ringing Where the Union Jack’s unfurled” – Herbert Thomas (1896)

Cornishmen are justly proud of their ancient tin mining history dating back more than 250 years. By the 1830s thousands of Cornishmen, women and children were employed by mines suppling most of the worlds tin and copper.

Their skills and industrial invention took Cornish miners all over the globe. Today there are over 6 million people of Cornish descent living worldwide, from Nevada to Norway, Australia to India, Spain to South Africa. (If you are one of those Cornish descendants we’d love you to get in touch and share your story with us).

And so our special 9 and 18 carat gold and silver jewellery is sent out all over the world, with love.

Where possible, all of our Cornish Tin & Gold and Cornish Tin & Silver jewellery is identified with a tiny map of Cornwall. Wedding rings have a map stamped on the inside.

cornish tin and silver map of cornwall charm
cornish tin and silver heart stud earrings

Wedding Designer of the Year 2014

sarah and adam corbridge cornish brides award

It would be our pleasure should you wish to contact us for further information regarding our exclusive jewellery range, or we would be delighted to recieve you at Wearnes should you wish to visit one our historic and charming retail stores. Our experienced and friendly staff will be only too pleased to be of assistance.” – Sarah & Adam Corbridge 

Find us on Facebook & Instagram or email us with any inquiries at admin@wearnes.co.uk


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