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Inventors of the unique Cornish Tin & Gold™ and Cornish Tin & Silver™ jewellery, containing genuine shipwrecked Tin. We are a proud independent family run Cornish jewellers, going back four generations, since 1890!

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Sarah Corbridge Cob necklace design
Shipwrecked silver cob coins

About Our Cob Coins

What Are Cobs? Read below to find out about our unique cob coins…

Cobs are made from historic Shipwrecked coins found off the coast of Cornwall, shaped and moulded by the sea and sand for hundreds of years. Here in our Falmouth workshop, we produce mounts from White and Yellow Gold in 9 and 18ct to fit around the coins in a way that compliments their natural sea-moulded shape.

We are able to construct jewellery items from Pendants to Rings and Cufflinks. As well as the choice from three different Mount styles, you can choose to add any specific Gemstone or Diamond to your piece, or even contact us with any commission ideas you may have to incorporate these coins! Price on application.

Take a look at a few of our past commissions from our first launch in 2012 at the end of the page!


Contact us via Email at Admin@wearnes.co.uk to discuss any future commissions or if you have any further inquiries about the Cobs!

Check out how we make our Cob Pendants!
                                                          Mount Styles Available:                                                                                 Price List:
Cornish tin & gold diamond cob commission

Style One: Plain polished 4 claw surround mount

 or Plain polished 3 claw with the addition of a rub-over set Diamond/Gemstone of you choice.

silver cob coin commission

Style Two: Bowline knot mount

or with the addition of a rub-over set Diamond/Gemstone of your choice

silver cob coin commission

Style Three: ‘Rope’ design 4 claw mount

or with the addition of a rub-over set Diamond/Gemstone of your choice.

Commissions Price on application 

9ct Yellow or White Gold Mount – £895

9ct Yellow or White Gold Mount with rub-over set Diamond – £1095

9ct Yellow or White Gold Mount with Gemstone of your choicePrice on application

Read More .

A Few Of Our Past Commissions:

The HMS Association

The HMS Association, was a 90-gun ship of the line and flagship of Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovel, who served during the war of the Spanish Succession.

The HMS Association sank in 1707, on her return from the Mediterranean following the Toulon campaign, due to a miscalculation of their position. She struck the outer Gilstone Rock off the Isles of Scilly and was lost in minutes.

Hover over each image to find out about the shipwrecks our coins came from!

The Hollandia

The Hollandia was a ship of the Dutch East India Company . The Hollandia became separated from the fleet and struck Gunner Rock near Annet, Isles of Scilly on the 13th of July 1743 in the early hours of the morning, sinking nearby with the loss of all hands

The Rill Cove Wreck

The fabled ‘Lizard Silver Wreck’ at Rill Cove, was an unknown vessel which sank around 1616, leaving its treasure to linger beside Kynance Cove until 1973 when it was re-discovered by divers. ‘Cobs’ represent some of the first coins minted in the Spanish New World, from Mexico, Peru, Columbia and Bolivia, and were accepted as reliable Silver currency worldwide.

Example Coins

Please visit www.wearnes.co.uk/cob-coins/ to find out more information on each product/coin.

Find us on Facebook & Instagram or email us with any inquiries at admin@wearnes.co.uk


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